Eagle Investment Group is a comprehensive multinational financial service group with businesses including financial investment, overseas listing, fund management and asset operation. Eagle has rich projects, marketing and interpersonal network resources both in China and overseas, it has established strategic cooperative partnership with many domestic and overseas investment banks, asset management companies, investment organizations, law firms and accounting firms. Eagle  is dedicated to providing comprehensive investment bank, asset management and capital operation services for the investment activities of Chinese high-growth enterprises and high-value individuals in greater China and overseas, helping the clients achieve perfect combination of industrial capital and financial capital, and helping the high-value groups achieve effective connection of investment banking service and private banking service.

Company name:Eagle Investment Group        Founding Time:April 2012

Chinese Name:云顶娱乐网站登录               Business Scope:finance, investment, listing

Headquarter:Beijing                      Enterprise Nature: limited liability company

The investment areas of Eagle Investment Group involve finance, real estate, mineral resources, cultural media, consuming industry and modern service industry, Eagle has an international professional investment and financing team. The senior management members of Eagle are from China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia who all have many years of financing experiences. The executive team is composed of investment, legal and financial management, risk control professionals, 90% members have master degree or above, and 70% members have overseas education and working experiences. Eagle Investment Group will use its advantages of broad interpersonal network and government partnership, overseas capital and project resources, combine domestic & overseas capital market , and domestic capital &overseas projects, to help the Group realize value promotion and create higher returns for the investors in the purpose of achieving win-win of both the Group and the investors.

Immigration Fund

Significant Investor Visa (SIV)

In order to attract high-value individuals to invest in Australia and stimulate the economy, in November 2012, Australia government launched a new type of visa—Significant Investor Visa (SIV). SIV is more flexible than the previous visas in investment structure and application qualification, it brings a convenient immigration channel for Asian high-value individuals who desire the high quality life and business environment in Australia. SIV requires the applicant to invest AUD5,000,000 in the qualified investment for at least 4 years(i.e. the minimum time of temporary senior investor visa 188) to obtain the 4-year term temporary visa 188. Afterwards, you can apply for permanent senior investor visa 888, in order to be qualified for this visa, the applicant must hold the required investment for at least 4 years.

The required investments include:

· The bonds issued by Australia federation, states or local governments.

· The managed fund regulated by ASIC, and it shall comply with the requirements of investing in Australia.

· Direct investment in Australian private (unlisted) companies.

Eagle Investment Group is dedicated to provide you diversified choices of SIV fund products, and we can choose the most suitable investment products for you according to your specific investment preference.